IT security workshop (SMEs)

An IT security workshop is an effective way to identify and assess the potential risks and weaknesses in your company's IT infrastructure. Such a workshop helps you define your IT security requirements, develop suitable protective measures and create an action plan to improve your IT security. An IT security workshop can also help you comply with legal requirements for data security and strengthen the trust of your customers and business partners.

How can an IT security workshop help my company?

An IT security workshop enables the following

  • Identification and assessment of risks and vulnerabilities
  • Definition of IT security requirements
  • Preparation of an action plan with appropriate protective measures
  • Determining legal requirements
  • Strengthening customer confidence

What is the process of the IT security workshop?

Our workshops are standardized to a total cost of one day. We need around 2 hours to prepare for the workshop. To do this, we request information about your company, IT setup, etc. in advance (approx. two weeks in advance). The workshop will then take place via teams. Participants here are mostly IT managers. The workshop usually lasts three hours. We create a protocol for you to then process the information in approx. 3 hours and then send it as a report. Based on the report, you can then define the next steps and, for example, implement network separation or order a penetration test.

Which packages does SIDD offer?

IT security workshop package

What happens after ordering at SIDD?

After hiring SIDD for an IT security workshop, the process is as follows:

Preparation of the workshop based on your information

Ordering is done via email. We will send you a preparation list with all the information we need in advance.


In about 3 hours, we will guide you through the workshop in which we will cover all important topics in the area of IT security and answer your questions.


Following the workshop, you will receive our report with the most important points that may still need to be implemented or gaps according to priority. We would also be happy to provide you with further assistance as an Information security officer or with Penetration testing.