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Data protection in HR analytics in compliance with employee rights

Employer Branding Start-up

Fostering Trust and Privacy in Employer Branding: Careerfairy´s Journey with Priverion


In the dynamic landscape of education and employment Careerfairy, an innovative startup, has emerged as a bridge between students and employers using a cutting-edge video streaming platform. This visionary platform not only connects aspiring students with potential employers but also creates opportunities for companies to enhance their employer branding. However, as Careerfairy soared to new heights, it encountered complex privacy and data protection challenges that needed expert solution. To address these challenges and lay the foundation for trust and transparency, Careerfairy reached out to Priverion. The following short description portrays the collaborative journey of Careerfairy and Priverion, as they tackled crucial issues and implemented a compliant data protection framework.

Challenges Faced

Careerfairy's unique platform introduced several distinct challenges, including navigating the intricate relationship between independent and joint controllers and responsibly sharing student information with prospective employers. Privacy concerns and the need for data protection loomed large over their operations. Recognizing these challenges, Careerfairy decided to seek professional guidance to create a comprehensive data protection and privacy concept that would not only address these substantive issues but also foster trust among platform users.

The Priverion Approach

Priverion, renowned for its expertise in data protection and privacy, embarked on a journey to create a robust solution for Careerfairy. The first step was to comprehensively understand the expectations and concerns of the various groups involved in the use of the platform, including not only students but also employers. By engaging all stakeholders, Priverion gathered insights that would guide the development of effective privacy controls and measures, based on Priverion´s expertise in the field.

Priverion took a systematic approach to address all concerns. They mapped the expectations of each participant group to specific controls and measures. This included creating privacy notices, optimizing consent processes and developing data processing agreements. By doing so Priverion ensured, that the resulting solution would be tailored to the specific needs and expectations of each group, thus promoting transparency and trust.

Standardized Information Sheet for Employers

One of the notable outcomes of the project was the creation of a standardized information sheet for potential employers on the Careerfairy platform. This document streamlines the onboarding process for employers, offering comprehensive insights into data handling, privacy practices, and other essential information. This proactive approach allows Careerfairy to answer the most prevalent questions employers may have, expediting the recruitment process and fostering trust.

Enhanced Privacy Controls for Students

For students, Priverion introduced new privacy controls that empower them to make informed decisions about sharing their information with potential employers. These controls provide students with greater agency over their personal data and enhance their overall beneficial experience on the Careerfairy platform. This not only aligns with data protection regulations but also instills a sense of security and confidence to have agency over their data among students.

Results and Impact

The collaborative efforts of Careerfairy and Priverion bore fruit in various ways. By addressing the intricate privacy and data protection challenges, Careerfairy was able to create a platform that not only functions seamlessly but also fosters trust and transparency among its users. This has had a significant impact on the platform's operations and user satisfaction:

  1. Streamlined Sales Process: The standardized information sheet for employers has streamlined the sales process for Careerfairy, making it more efficient and responsive to employer needs.
  2. Empowered Students: The introduction of enhanced privacy controls has empowered students to make informed choices about sharing their data, leading to greater user satisfaction and trust.
  3. Compliance and Trust: By developing data processing agreements and privacy notices Careerfairy now operates in full compliance with data protection regulations. This has enhanced trust among users and positioned Careerfairy as a responsible platform.


The collaboration between Careerfairy and Priverion serves as a testament to the power of partnership in addressing complex challenges. Through the careful mapping of expectations, the introduction of new controls and the creation of standardized information resources, the Careerfairy platform has evolved into a trustworthy and compliant platform that benefits both students and employers. As we move forward in the dynamic landscape of education and employment this collaboration exemplifies the value of prioritizing privacy, data protection and transparency and the role of experts like Priverion in achieving these goals. Careerfairy's journey with Priverion is a true success story, demonstrating the pivotal role of data protection in shaping the future of education and employment platforms.

"With the help of Priverion, Careerfairy established itself as a trustworthy and compliant platform. They streamlined our sales process, empowered students to make their own privacy choices, and ensured data protection compliance. The success of our partnership highlights the power of prioritizing privacy and transparency with experts like Priverion."

CEO, Careerfairy AG

Customer reviews

“Priverion made it possible to standardize our global privacy efforts over our different local organizations and drive efficient marketing solutions.”

Sunstar Group — Digital Transformation Strategy & Services

"Mit Hilfe von Priverion hat sich Careerfairy als vertrauenswürdige und konforme Plattform etabliert. Sie haben unseren Verkaufsprozess optimiert, und die Einhaltung des Datenschutzes sichergestellt. Der Erfolg unserer Partnerschaft unterstreicht die Bedeutung der Priorisierung von Datenschutz und Transparenz mit Experten wie Priverion."

Careerfairy AG — CEO

"Die Zusammenarbeit von FunctionHR mit Priverion zeigt, wie Fachwissen im Datenschutz und die ISO 27001-Zertifizierung die Geschäftsexpansion vorantreiben können. Gemeinsam haben wir die Datensicherheit in einen Wettbewerbsvorteil verwandelt, der es FunctionHR ermöglicht, mit Vertrauen und Zuversicht in neue Märkte vorzudringen."

functionHR GmbH — CEO

"Priverion hat es uns ermöglicht, die angemessenen Datenschutzrichtlinien für unseren Gesundheitssektor umzusetzen. Ihre Expertise unterstütz uns, unserer Verpflichtung zu Datensicherheit und Compliance gerecht zu werden."

openmedical AG — Product Management